Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag Reel


Introducing the brand new 20 Saltiga Lever Drag (LD), crafted from the ground up to meet the demands of hardcore saltwater anglers around the world.

Over half a decade in the making, Saltiga LD combines everything learnt from across the globe. From the USA, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia, every bit of feedback and learning has been absorbed and rolled into what can only be described as Daiwa’s best lever drag reel ever made.

Product Specs

20 SALTIGA LD10H6.3445g6 CRBB; 1RB12kg20lb-330m12lb-270mSoft Touch
20 SALTIGA LD15H6.3480g6 CRBB; 1RB12kg30lb-330m14lb-270mSoft Touch
20 SALTIGA LD20H6.3495g6 CRBB; 1RB12kg40lb-300m14lb-350mSoft Touch
20 SALTIGA LD35-2SPD5.8/3.1700g6 CRBB18kg65lb-330m20lb/300mSoft Touch
20 SALTIGA LD35JH6.3590g6 CRBB; 1RB18kg40lb-330mAluminum T-Bar
20 SALTIGA LD35JP5.1590g6 CRBB; 1RB18kg40lb-330mAluminum T-Bar
20 SALTIGA LD40-2SPD5.8/3.1745g6 CRBB18kg65lb-480m25lb/400mSoft Touch
20 SALTIGA LD50-2SPD5.8/3.1845g6 CRBB18kg80lb-460m30lb/400mAluminum T-Bar
20 SALTIGA LD55-2SPD5.2/2.31050g6 CRBB20kg80lb-550m30lb/440mAluminum T-Bar
20 SALTIGA LD55JP5.2890g6 CRBB; 1RB20kg65lb-440mAluminum T-Bar
20 SALTIGA LD60-2SPD5.2/2.31090g6 CRBB20kg100lb-550m40lb/420mAluminum T-Bar

It all starts with the precisely machined one-piece aluminium body and side plates. This rigid housing holds what sets Saltiga LD apart from the competition – a meticulously crafted drive gear & pinion gear made from insanely durable Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel gears are harder than brass and much more resistant to the harsh saltwater fields in which this reel will be used. Stainless Steel gearing is often criticised for lacking smoothness, but Daiwa engineers have overcome this, producing a gear set that is refined and smooth, yet more powerful & durable than anything else on the market.

Saltiga LD has had improvements in all areas of the reel, addressing areas of concern that top anglers identified with lever drag reels of the past. A drag cam design that is smooth and capable of handling both braid and monofilament lines is one of the obvious improvements. The lever itself has been totally redesigned to allow finite and precise drag control even at very low settings, a feature loved by livebait anglers especially. 20 Saltiga LD was designed to be beautifully simple, and incredibly strong. Available in single- and two-speed designs from size 10-60.