Daiwa Steez CT Baitcaster Reel


The STEEZ has further evolved with a new concept. The new compact body has been achieved by equipping the reel with a new 30mm diameter G1 Duraluminium CT SV spool. The CT SV spool which has very low start-up inertia has realised a feel in the cast that surpasses reels of the past, covering the range of finesse applications as well as versatile performance.

Product Specs

STEEZ CT SV TW 700H12 CRBB; 1RB4.5kg6.3NYLON 8lb/100m150g
STEEZ CT SV TW 700HL12 CRBB; 1RB4.5kg6.3NYLON 8lb/100m150g
STEEZ CT SV TW 700XH12 CRBB; 1RB4.5kg8.1NYLON 8lb/100m150g
STEEZ CT SV TW 700XHL12 CRBB; 1RB4.5kg8.1NYLON 8lb/100m150g

Made from Daiwa’s Air Metal (Magnesium) the STEEZ CT SV TW’s new lightweight, low profile frame has been designed to create a Compact and Tough base to house many of Daiwa’s newest and most advanced baitcaster technologies. The STEEZ CT SV TW is the most advanced baitcaster in its class and is a perfect fit for those targeting Australia’s native freshwater species.

The new size TWS has been designed to suit the CT SV spool, with its innovative pivoting t-shaped line guide delivering unparalleled casting performance and line control. The T-Wing System creates less line angle from the spool in comparison to conventional line guides. The reduction in friction created as line flows off the spool greatly improves line control and casting distance

A precision machined solid ‘Air Metal’ frame and gear side plates deliver lightness, durability and reliability, while the STEEZ CT SV TW ergonomically designed profile fits beautifully in the palm of the hand for ultimate comfort and control.

Casting control has now reached a new level of ease in the STEEZ CT SV TW with the Zero Adjuster, ‘Air Mode’ and Magforce Z combining to create the ultimate casting experience. ‘Air Mode’ brake system introduces automatic adjustment; supported by a movable induction rotor which enables the use of finesse style baits without the risk of backlash.  Zero Adjuster paired with Magforce Z cast control adjusts easily to any skill level, and allows the spool to start up faster, and spin longer for easier and longer casts.

Compact in size yet big in strength, design, and performance the STEEZ CT SV TW is the reel that sits above all others as the ‘King of Baitcasters’.