Daiwa Tournament Game Rod


Designed to match the Saltiga Lever Drag range of conventional reels, Daiwa’s TOURNAMENT Game rods will meet the demands of game anglers across Australia. In collaboration with game fishing experts from Sydney’s northern beaches, TOURNAMENT Game delivers the most requested actions for light-tackle game fishing.


Product Specs

20 TOURNAMENT GAME 8/10Overhead1 + Butt6’6”/198cmMediumRegN/A8-10kg
20 TOURNAMENT GAME 10/15Overhead1 + Butt6’2″/188cmMedium HeavyRegN/A10-15kg
20 TOURNAMENT GAME 15/24Overhead1 + Butt6’2″/188cmHeavyRegN/A15-24kg

Featuring a custom alloy straight butt which has been made slightly longer than most, TOURNAMENT Game rods position the reel at the perfect height for stand-up fishing. A heavy-duty Fuji reel seat secures your reel with confidence, and Fuji Stainless Steel Corrosion Control (BC) Alconite guides protect monofilament and braided lines even under heavy drag pressure and consistently long runs.

Scrutinised over many prototypes, the action of TOURNAMENT Game is unlike anything Daiwa has produced before, with three models catering to everything from 8kg to 24kg. The perfect tip action to keep lures swimming and to pin the hooks into your target species, TOURNAMENT Game rods feature comfortable actions, allowing the angler to lean into the harness and feel confident in the rod’s ability to plane stubborn fish without unnecessary pain.