Jackall TN50 Silent Lipless Crankbait Lure


Nothing short of a sensation the Jackall TN range of lipless crankbaits quickly became the hottest lure to have in your tackle box. First exploding onto the impoundment bass scene in the early 2000’s, TN’s are now proving their worth in a variety of fresh and salt applications. The TN series of lipless crank baits are one of the most tournament winning lures in the Australia bass scene.

Product Specs


The Jackall TN50 Silent Lipless Crankbait Vibe is a unique vibration hard bait is unlike anything else in the market. Jackall’s tungsten lip allows the lure to swim horizontally on the fall and rest its nose on the bottom with tail up. With the ability to work (vibrate) the lure at the first turn of the reel handle so whether slow rolling, burning, or hopping over weed beds and structure makes for a super versatile bait. Jackall TN Lures are also available in a wide verity of sizes check out the full range today!