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Marttiini knives have been crafted by the Marttiini Company from deep within the Arctic Circle in the town of Roaniemi. These remarkable filleting knives have been finely crafted since 1928, and every Marttiini knife exhibits the same elite level of quality. The flexible and extremely sharp stainless steel blade ensures clean-cut fillets. This size of blade is best suited for processing fish of about 2-3 kg. The filleting knife is supplied with a black leather sheath.

Product Specs



  • 9″ -inch hand-ground stainless steel blade
  • Black Rubber Handle
  • Genuine leather sheath to match handle
  • Affordable filleting knife handcrafted to elite standards in place since 1928.
  • Blades are hand-ground out of polished European stainless steel and crafted to deliver supreme cutting power, flexibility, and leverage.
  • The genuine leather sheath is the ultimate compliment to the craftsmanship that has gone into creating this Marttiini knife.
  • Lastly, the leather sheath will safely store the filleting knife while it is not being used.