Mustad Bloodworm Hooks


The Mustad Bloodworm is an extra long shanked hook specifically designed to fish worm baits. Working equally well in fresh or salt water, the bloodworm is classically shaped to fit worm baits perfectly.

Product Specs

HP90234NPNR12Pre-pack Bloodworm 1215
HP90234NPNR10Pre-pack Bloodworm 1015
HP90234NPNR8Pre-pack Bloodworm 815
HP90234NPNR6Pre-pack Bloodworm 615
HP90234NPNR4Pre-pack Bloodworm 415
HP90234NPNR2Pre-pack Bloodworm 215
HP90234NPNR1Pre-pack Bloodworm 115
HP90234NPNR1/0Pre-pack Bloodworm 1/012
HP90234NPNR2/0Pre-pack Bloodworm 2/010
HP90234NPNR3/0Pre-pack Bloodworm 3/09

Coloured red to match the colour of most worms, the turned in hook point aids in hook setting while the extra long shank allows worms to be presented flat as well as making it easy to remove hooks.