Nomad Design Splash Bag


The NOMAD DESIGN SPLASH BAG- the ultimate washable lure bag! Designed to keep accessories, poppers, stickbaits, or trolling lures rigged and ready for that hot bite. Storage for everything ready for action in a single waterproof wash down bag.

Product Specs



  • Heavy duty waterproof tarpaulin with double stitching – Designed to last!
  • Strong diamond print base fabric for extra strength and durability.
  • Oversized waterproof plastic zip and glide.
  • Heavy duty washable and mesh storage window.
  • Drainage mesh on both sides – Hose down cleaning of all lures!
  • Hanging tabs for drying.

SMALL = 43 x 37 x 30cm
LARGE = 53 x 47 x 30cm