Nomad Seacore Casting Rods


The Seacore Baitcasting Rods has been designed for a purpose with each rod model crafted to give anglers a seamless experience on the water.

Japanese Toray Carbon construction delivers lightweight, responsive blanks with actions designed to effectively work lures and jigs. Toray Carbon also delivers performance and durability when casting and fighting fish. Grip design and construction is a key component to rod feel and performance, Seacore Rods feature refined grip configurations for comfort and control.

Product Specs

SCBC6212-256ft 2inMedium Heavy / 12lb-25lb14g-56g1pcFull Rear Grip
SCBC666-146ft 6inMedium Light / 6lb-14lb3g-16g1pcSplit Rear Grip
SCBC6610-176ft 6inMedium / 10lb-17lb8g-28g1pcSplit Rear Grip
SCBC6612-256ft 6inMedium Heavy / 12lb-25lb14g-56g1pcSplit Rear Grip
SCBC7210-177ft 2inMedium / 10lb-17lb8g-28g1pcSplit Rear Grip
SCBC7212-257ft 2inMedium Heavy / 12lb-25lb14g-56g1pcSplit Rear Grip

The Baitcast Rod Models feature full or split EVA grip and overall durability. Seacore rods are fitted with quality Fuji O ring guide system for smooth, trouble free angling.

Every Nomad Design rod is crafted by decades of on the water experience. See the website for the full range of SEACORE Rods and find out why every Nomad Design Rod is Crafted by Experience.

– Japanese Toray Carbon
– Fuji O Ring Guides
– Refined Grip Configurations
– Technique specific blank construction