Prolure Live Cray 80mm Plastics


The Live Cray is a detailed creature bait designed to imitate the fresh water cray/yabbie for the purpose of chasing bass and yellowbelly in the fresh but is right at home being used to target a range of salt water species.

Product Specs


The lure features a ribbed underside from the tail right through to the claws along with a split belly to assist weedless rigging, and hollow claws to allow much more movement in the water. The curled feelers help to create vibration through the water column to help fish hone in. The testing phase was a complete success with the lure performing outstanding on all the desired targets. We also put the Live Crays to the test in the salt and nailed a range of species including jewfish, big flathead and snapper in the wash. Measuring in at 80mm from the claws to the tail, the Live Cray is a super versatile bait that all light tackle sport anglers need in their kit.