Response Manual Inflatable Adult Life Jacket


Whether you’re boating, canoeing or kayaking, wearing a life jacket is among the most critical things you can do to protect yourself on the water. However, not all life jackets are created equal as there are different types of life jackets designed for different activities, and each has its own set of pros and cons.

The Response Manual Inflatable PFD level 150 design allows for plenty of movement and is ideal for anglers, so rockhoppers should take note here. This PFD will not inhibit your movement as much as a bulky foam PFD, but it still gives you plenty of flotation. The Response Automatic Manual Inflatable PFD is among the most comfortable Automatic Inflatable PFDs for sale on the market, and it’s also one of the lightest.

Product Specs


LEVEL 150N Manual Inflatable –  AS4758.1 2015

Lightweight, compact and comfortable inflatable life jackets.

  • Certified to AS4758.1 2015
  • Single Point indicator
  • Universal size for 40kg and above
  • Equipped with back-up oral inflation
  • Comfortable, lightweight, low profile design
  • Neoprene neckline for all day comfort
  • Durable fabric resists tears and punctures
  • Self-service this manual inflatable PFD (5 years recreational use)

Please be aware that laws around water safety vary from state to state. Check your local regulations to keep up to date with relevant requirements.