Seahorse Yabby Pump Stainless Steel 75cm


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WILSON 30-INCH BAIT NIPPER/YABBY PUMP Bait pumps are a crucial piece of kit for extracting fresh bait like yabbies and worms from estuaries and beaches. This is a relatively simple process provided you have a solid piece of gear, such as the Wilson 30-inch bait nipper/yabby pump. Whether you call them yabbies or nippers, the process for catching them remains the same. First, you need to look for signs of their activity by searching for collections of holes in the sand. Then, once you have managed to find a yabby bed, take your bait nipper/yabby pump and use it to extract them from approximately two feet beneath the surface and place them in a collection bucket after the pump is free of the sand slurry. Wilson is a highly experienced Australian producer of yabby pumps and has one of the most efficient and affordable products available today. You can start catching your own yabbies and upgrade the quality of your bait. FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS 75CM length Removable handle for DIY maintenance Foam and brass washers can be replaced easily Solid brass shaft Stainless steel tube BENEFITS Yabby pumps are very simple pieces of fishing equipment to maintain. Your only main concern will be to replace the foam washer to ensure that the bait pump will work effectively. Spare parts are readily available The brass and stainless steel materials of the yabby pump will ensure that you product can be used in saltwater conditions without fear of immediate corrosion. A yabby pump and a keen eye for a yabby bed are all you need to start acquiring your own quality live bait. When using yabbies as bait, you can present them naturally to fish by inserting the hook through their tail and out through their head. Catching yabbies and worms is fun as a family activity as well as for acquiring live bait. Try it for yourself by ordering this Wilson bait pump today.


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