Shimano Kairiki 8 Carrier 150m Green Braid


Kairiki 8 from Shimano adopts the new VT construction braiding technology. Featuring 8 carriers and incorporating premium Japanese manufacturing, the new tight weave VT construction is created through applying high tension at opposing directions during the braiding process. During the VT Construction Method, the braid fibre is woven evenly at all angles – resulting in a smoother finish and reduced diameter. The casting performance of the line is significantly improved as the smooth finish creates less friction through the guides and cast noise is also reduced. The tight weave achieves enhanced sensitivity achieved through the lower stretch. These attributes make Kairiki 8 an excellent choice when high sensitivity and castability are all required to give that extra edge against your target species.

Product Specs

SKE15006G 6 150 0.06 MANTIS GREEN
SKE15008G 8 150 0.1 MANTIS GREEN
SKE15010G 10 150 0.13 MANTIS GREEN
SKE15015G 15 150 0.16 MANTIS GREEN
SKE15020G 20 150 0.2 MANTIS GREEN
SKE15030G 30 150 0.23 MANTIS GREEN


  • Made In Japan
  • 4 Strand Carrier Braid
  • VT Construction
  • Improved Casting Performance
  • Super Smooth
  • High Sensitivity
  • Low Stretch