Shimano Tiagra Ultra Rod Dual Butt


The Shimano Tiagra Ultra A Standup Rods are the best Shimano make, the Ultra blank consists of High Carbon 300 construction that gives you the strength you need when fighting big fish but also the lightweight that gives you more comfort.

The Shimano Tiagra Ultra A Standup Rods 3050 and 5080 have the same High Carbon 300 Construction but have full Double Footed Alps RX Rollers. They will suit the Shimano Tiagra 50A, Shimano Tiagra 50WLRSA, Shimano Tiagra 50WA and Shimano Tiagra 80W,

Using the Alps RX guides on the Shimano Tiagra Ultra game rods has put the Ultra rods at a new level as the Alps RX guides are Braid friendly so you can downgrade the size of the Tiagra Reel by backing it up with Power Pro.






Product Specs



  • Bent and Straight Butt included
  • HPC300 & Biofibre
  • Alps Stainless Steel RX Roller
  • Pac Bay Aluminium
  • EVA & Woven Carbon

The Shimano Ultra Bent butt is not a fixed butt, it also comes with a Straight Butt included in the Price.

The Advantage of buying the Shimano Ultra Bent Butt is a great advantage if you want to swap rods from rigger or shotgun position, with a simple change of the butt you can have your bent butt in a corner position to keep it out of the way and help hold the lures in the water.

The ultra thin, strong and lightweight Shimano Tiagra Ultra A Standup rods are built with a carbon fibre exclusive to Shimano. This material reduces the overall weight dramatically and improves the feel and action of the rod when playing fish. From 30-50lb the rod is fitted with Alps RX double leg roller guides, whilst the lighter models have the single leg version. The twist control feature keeps the blank from twisting, allowing the line to run smoothly through the guides at all times.

The Tiagra Ultra 3050 is great for Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin fish and all larger pelagic species. The Tiagra Ultra 5080 is built for big and the bent Butt makes it a perfect Corner rod.

All Shimano Tiagra Ultra A Bent Butt Standup Rods come with a 1 year Shimano Australian Warranty.