Shimano Twinpower FD Reel


The Shimano Twin Power has a proud 30 years of history since its birth. For 2020, the newly released model is equipped with a metal rotor that integrates the Coresolid philosophy of quality and solidness. This has been pursued for many years and engineered to suppress distortion and twisting of the reel body underload. When paired with the metal Hagane Body, the rigidity and durability of the frame has been improved significantly.

Product Specs

TWIN POWER 1000 FD9+135.1:164175
TWIN POWER 2500 FD9+195.3:178210
TWIN POWER 4000 FD XG9+1116.2:1101260
TWIN POWER C3000 FD XG9+196.4:194215
TWIN POWER C5000 FD XG9+1116.2:1101260

In addition, the stiff metal rotor creates a stable winding feel that is comparable to a Stella – the ultimate in smooth reeling. To improve casting performance, the new Long Stroke Spool design has been incorporated. The Twin Power series has continued to evolve into a tough and dependable reel that fisherman can use with confidence in any conditions.