Prolure SK62 Sinking 62mm Pencil Lure


The Pro Lure SK62 Pencil is a sinking, slim, baitfish profile lure. With a nice subtle slow sinking wobble this versatile lure can be fished in an array of situations from deep in the racks and fallen timber, to boat hulls, shallow flats, and deep structure. At 62mm it makes for a perfect size meal for many light tackle species including bream and bass to flathead, mangrove jack, estuary perch as well as small pelagics. The SK62 Pencil casts like a bullet making it great for long casts targeting easily spooked fish in clear water situations or covering larger areas. Testing saw some monster bream pulled from the racks so we are expecting great results for the tournament anglers.

Product Specs


The SK62 Pencil is a baitfish profile that can be fished anywhere from the ultra shallows to deep holes and structure. All the usual fish holding grounds can be targeted by adjusting your cast to allow the lure time to sink to depth holding fish. When there is water movement cast up current allowing the lure to sink back into the target area winding in slack line as it drifts back in. The lure can be twitched and paused or more erratic darting action imparted to imitate fleeing bait fish.


TYPE – Sinking pencil

LENGTH – 62mm

WEIGHT – 4.3g


BUOYANCY – Sinking

HOOKS – Decoy Y-s25 Size 12