Varivas Avani Casting PE White Braid


Varivas Avani Casting PE is a premium Japanese 8-strand braid line designed for casting distance with hi abrasion resistants makes this line perfect for casting lures out of the boat or from the rocks and beach

Product Specs

JASF Guage #LB.Diameter (Approx.)
Gou #Classinchmm
120.2 lb.0.0065 in0.165 mm
1.224.1 lb.0.0073 in0.185 mm
1.528.6 lb.0.0081 in0.205 mm
233 lb.0.0093 in0.235 mm
2.540 lb.0.0102 in0.260 mm
348 lb.0.0112 in0.285 mm
464 lb.0.0130 in0.330 mm
578 lb.0.0146 in0.370 mm
685 lb.0.0159 in0.405 mm
  • Premium, braided PE fishing line designed for casting.
  • Strong, abrasion resistant with superior casting quality.
  • Made with VARIVAS’s popular 8-strand braided, Max Power PE (MAX-PE) line.
  • VARIVAS SP-F fluororesin, non-stick coating creates –
    • a smooth silky line for outstanding casting distance
    • a protective coating for increased durability and longer performance.
  • Sight marking lines every 25 meters enhance accuracy of casting distance.
  • Color:  White with sight marking lines every 25 meters