Venom Deep Jig Overhead Rods


The most popular rod in the Venom stable, the Deep Jig series was where it all started. Designed specifically for the rigours of offshore fishing in deeper waters, the Venom Deep Jig series brings together years of experience and development in the one rod series.

Product Specs

RLFSSTXVOH150GVenom Deep Jig O/H 150gOverhead5’5″7 + Tip10-30lb
RLFSSTXVOH250GVenom Deep Jig O/H 250gOverhead5’5″7 + Tip20-50lb
RLFSSTXVOH350GVenom Deep Jig O/H 350gOverhead5’5″6 + Tip30-80lb
RLFSSTXVOH450GVenom Deep Jig O/H 450gOverhead5’5″6 + Tip50-100lb

Taking the traditional approach with a softer action, the Deep Jig Series allows anglers to really put the pressure on fish when they are directly underneath the boat. This makes the rods ideal as jigging sticks and baitfishing sticks.

Using Fuji Guides that allows the line to be managed in the best way, the Deep Jig Series is available in overhead and spin configurations. The rods are rated in two ways, the first by the ideal jig weight and the second by the suggested line rating.

The series starts with the 10-30lb 150g Jig Model This is designed to fish weights up to 150g and do it well. Keep in mind the baby of the range is still a more than capable rod with a 15kg line rating at its maximum end. The big mother in the Deep Jig series is the 450g PE 5-10. This rod is a true brute being capable of fishing a pound of jig and taking lines with breaking strains between 50lb and 100lb – now that is absolutely serious!

Built deliberately tougher for deliberately tougher fishing situations.