Black Pete 7″ Slap Happy Daisy Chain Teaser


Creating commotion and attracting attention is crucial in fishing, especially when trolling for tuna and marlin. The Black Pete Slap Happy Daisy Chain teasers are designed to enhance the surface commotion, increasing the chances of drawing more fish to your lures and baits. These teasers feature rubber squid and bird attractors, proven to entice various gamefish species.

Product Specs


The design minimizes drag, allowing you to run the teasers in-line with your rigged lure, whether it’s a skirt or diver, directly off your rod tip. For ease of use, the teasers are rigged with a heavy-duty Black Pete snap, facilitating quick and straightforward rig attachment if desired. Alternatively, you can run the mas stand-alone teasers when switch or pitch baiting. The bright and easily visible colours not only help those on the bridge spot the teasers but also aid those on the deck ready to deploy them. The teasers come in two sizes, 7″ and 9″, offering versatility to cater to different fishing situations and preferences. Available in Pink, Green, Blue and Purple