Daiwa 23 Saltist Levelwind Reels


Level-wind conventional reels offer a distinct benefit of perfectly laying the line evenly over the spool, a job traditionally done by the anglers’ thumb instinctively as line is retrieved onto the spool. The new SALTIST LW reels offer this feature, among a host of new upgrades to the platform which has been available for over a decade. Sporting a heavy-duty aluminium frame, heavy-duty alloy gears and dual anti-reverse systems, 23 SALTIST LW is well-equipped to cop the sort of abuse Australian anglers dish out from day to day. Whether you plan to float-line for snapper or chase reds on the bottom, a new SALTIST LW will do it and continue to ask for more!

Product Specs

23 SALTIST LW 20HB6.1:1525g4+1BB7kg20lb/190m
23 SALTIST LW 30HB6.1:1550g4+1BB7kg20lb/270m
23 SALTIST LW 40HB6.1:1655g4+1BB10kg25lb/370m
23 SALTIST LW 50HB6.1:1680g4+1BB10kg30lb/320m