Daiwa 23 Tierra HD IC Reels


IC or ‘Intelligent Counter’ reels are becoming increasingly sought after as anglers dive deeper into the world of light and slow jigging, targeting fish that suspend off the bottom. There is no better edge than knowing exactly how deep your lure is in relation to the fish, and with IC equipped reels you can do so by simply looking down at the screen on your reel.

Product Specs

23 TIERRA HD IC 300H7.3:1 (91cm)370g7+1 (7CRBB)10kgPE 2/400m
23 TIERRA HD IC 200H7.3:1 (91cm)370g7+1 (7CRBB)10kgPE 2/300m

The introduction of SALTIGA IC reels in 2022 gave a glimpse into this new world of overhead reels and the new TIERRA HD IC range sports the same prowess into a newly developed low profile aluminium frame sporting HYPERDRIVE Design.  Available in both a 200 and 300 size, TIERRA HD IC sports a heavy-duty construction perfectly suited to the rigors of Australian conditions.


There’s no need to guess how much line you’ve got out anymore with Daiwa’s Line Counter letting your know exactly. Dropping your back down to the right depth has never been easier.


Lightweight and incredibly strong, Machine Cut Alloy provides body strength and reduced weight to be achieved without the cost and corrosion issues of other metals.


HYPERDRIVE Design consists of four of the key pillars. Hyper Armed Housing, Hyper Tough Clutch, Hyper Double Support & HYPERDRIVE Digigear.


HYPERDRIVE Digigear is the next evolution of baitcast gear design, taking Daiwa’s Digigear concept delivering a smoother and stronger reeling sensation with a significant 60% improvement to gear durability.