Daiwa J-Braid Expedition X8 Multi-Colour 150 Metre Braid


The #1 braided line brand in Australia just got even better, with the introduction of J-BRAID EXPEDITION. Featuring the same IZANAS fibre construction that has made J-BRAID so popular, but now featuring Daiwa’s Silicon “Coating PE” technology to create a slicker, smoother braid with hydrophobic properties that increases durability & enhances feel.

Product Specs

J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #0.6 8LB-150M MULTI 150m 8lb PE 0.6
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #0.8 10LB-150M MULTI 150m 10lb PE 0.8
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #1 12LB-150M MULTI 150m 12lb PE 1
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #1.2 15LB-150M MULTI 150m 15lb PE 1.2
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #1.5 20LB-150M MULTI 150m 20lb PE 1.5
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #2 25LB-150M MULTI 150m 25lb PE 2
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #2.5 30LB-150M MULTI 150m 30lb PE 2.5
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #3 40LB-150M MULTI 150m 40lb PE 3
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #4 50LB-150M MULTI 150m 50lb PE 4
J-BRAID EXPEDITION X8 #5 60LB-150M MULTI 150m 60lb PE 5

J-BRAID EXPEDITION’s silicon coating means the braid does not absorb any water, importantly this means the braid also does not absorb the silt & sediment present in that water which is the #1 cause of braided line wear over time. By shedding the water thanks to its hydrophobic properties, J-BRAID EXPEDITION will last longer than traditional braided lines, providing more value & greater performance.

The benefits don’t stop there either, with an incredibly high weave count, J-BRAID EXPEDITION is braided tighter than almost any other line on the market, providing an incredibly round profile braid which will not separate and fray when in use. Daiwa’s history of producing the finest braids on the market is only strengthened with the introduction of J-BRAID EXPEDITION.