Penn Recon Rods


Designed to tackle anything you throw at it, the PENN Recon rod range combines reliability and performance to deliver a rod series perfect for targeting nearshore and inshore species.

Product Specs

RECON-SP 702L 2-4kg1598586Army GreenFuji O Guides7′2-4kg5-25g2LightSLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 631ML 3-6kg1601180Army GreenFuji O Guides6’3″3-6kg7-28g1Medium LightSLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 722ML 3-6kg1598587Army GreenFuji O Guides7’2″3-6kg7-28g2Medium LightSLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 722ML 4-8kg1598588Army GreenFuji O Guides7’2″4-8kg10-50g2Medium LightSLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 722MH 6-10kg1598589Army GreenFuji O Guides7’2″6-10kg10-74g2Medium HeavySLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 922MH 6-10kg1598590Army GreenFuji O Guides9’2″6-10kg20-88g2Medium HeavySLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 701XH 8-15kg1598591Army GreenFuji O Guides7′8-15kg18-85g1Extra HeavySLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-SP 792H 15-25kg1598592Army GreenFuji O Guides7’9″15-25kg50-110g2HeavySLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-JSP 631MH PE 3-51598593Army GreenFuji O Guides6’3″PE 3-580-200g1Medium HeavySLS GraphiteEVA
RECON-JSP 5101H PE 5-81598594Army GreenFuji O Guides5’10”PE 5-8200-400g1HeavySLS GraphiteEVA

Equipped with quality Fuji® O Guides and a custom moulded reel seat, the Recon range features a 24 ton carbon fibre blank that provides great sensitivity without compromising on performance. The PENN Recon rod series includes a range of different actions well suited for both lure and bait fishing applications with something available for any angler looking to tackle big fish from the coast line out.

  • High performance 24 ton Construction graphite blank
  • Fuji® O guides
  • Seaguide reel seats
  • Contoured EVA Grips for better sensitivity & ergonomics