Samaki Skitch X Rods


Introducing the Samaki Skitch-X — where style meets performance. Engineered for Australian waters and optimized for lure fishing, this rod boasts a striking Red/Black colour theme and Premium Fuji Concept O guides for superior casting. The Deluxe Cushioned Reel Seat and X-Weave Power Blank construction promise comfort and durability. Complete with custom carbon locking rings. Elevate your game with the Skitch-X.

Product Specs

ModelTypeLengthSectionActionRatingCast WeightComponents
SKX-561BHCast5’6″1Heavy10-20lb3/8 – 1ozFuji
SKX-601BMHCast6’0″1Med Heavy10-17lb1/4 – 5/8ozFuji
SKX-601BHCast6’0″1Heavy10-20lb3/8 – 1ozFuji
SKX-601BMCast6’0″1Medium6-12lb1/8 – 1/2ozFuji
SKX-601SMSpin6’0″1Medium8-14lb1/4 – 5/8ozFuji
SKX-661SHSpin6’6″1Heavy12-20lb3/8 – 1ozFuji
SKX-701SLSpin7’0″1Light4-8lb1/16 – 3/8ozFuji
SKX-702SLSpin7’0″1Light4-8lb1/16 – 3/8ozFuji
SKX-701SMLSpin7’0″1Med Light6-12lb1/4 – 1/2ozFuji
SKX-702SMLSpin7’0″2Med Light6-12lb1/4 – 1/2ozFuji
SKX-701SMSpin7’0″1Medium8-15lb1/4 – 3/4ozFuji
SKX-702SMSpin7’0″2Medium8-15lb1/4 – 3/4ozFuji
SKX-701SHSpin7’0″1Heavy12-25lb3/8 – 1.5ozFuji
SKX-702SHSpin7’0″2Heavy12-25lb3/8 – 1.5ozFuji
SKX-641SMHSpin6’4″1Med Heavy10-17lb1/4 – 5/8ozFuji
SKX-902SMSpin9’0″2Medium8-15lb1/4 – 3/4ozFuji
SKX-902SHSpin9’0″2Heavy12-20lb3/4 – 2ozFuji