Shimano 23 Talica 2 Speed Overhead Reels


The Talica is a castable High-Speed Lever Drag that has become a favourite of sportfishers due to it’s compact size and high line capacity. A one-piece cold forged and machined aluminium frame has cutting-edge corrosion protection. Shimano then added a light-weight cold forged aluminium spool, a waterproof Cross Carbon drag system and six S A-RB bearings for super slick operation. The use of HEG in both high and low speeds sets Talica apart from any other reel, providing incredible cranking power.

Product Specs


Engineered to redefine performance and exceed the expectations of anglers worldwide, these new additions to the Talica series push the boundaries of strength, durability, and versatility.

The Talica 12IIA and 16IIA reels are designed to tackle the most demanding challenges that the deep blue sea presents. Equipped with a compact and powerful lever drag system, these reels offer unmatched control and precision when targeting large, hard fighting fish. The 2-speed lever drag functionality allows for seamless switching between high gear and low gear, providing the angler with optimal flexibility and an advantage during intense battles.

To enhance the reels’ longevity and corrosion resistance, Shimano has applied its proprietary E.I treatment to the Talica 12IIA and 16IIA models. This advanced surface treatment process ensures that these reels can withstand the harshest marine conditions and continue to perform at peak levels for years to come. Anglers can now fish with complete confidence, knowing that their gear can handle anything the ocean throws their way.