Samaki Zing Gen III Rod


Cutting-edge design and advanced technology are at the heart of the Samaki Zing Gen 3, delivering unparalleled strength and casting performance. The extensive range of the Zing Gen 3 offers something for everyone from light spinning for whiting and bream or heavy plastic fishing for snapper, casting for cod or working vibes amongst structure for those beefy barra

Product Specs

SZG-541SLSpin5’8”1Fast4-10lb1/16-5/16ozFuji O – CC
SZG-562SXLSpin5’6”2Fast2-6lb1/32-5/16ozFuji O – CC
SZG-6101SXLSpin6’10”1Fast2-6lb1/32-5/16ozFuji O – CC
SZG-6102SXLSpin6’10”2Fast2-6lb1/32-5/16ozFuji O – CC
SZG-6101SLSpin6’10”1Fast4-8lb1/16-3/8ozFuji O – CC
SZG-6102SLSpin6’10”2Fast4-8lb1/16-3/8ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701SMLSpin7’0”1Fast6-12lb1/8-1/2ozFuji O – CC
SZG-702SMLSpin7’0”2Fast6-12lb1/8-1/2ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701SMSpin7’0”1Fast8-15lb3/16-5/8ozFuji O – CC
SZG-702SMSpin7’0”2Fast8-15lb3/16-5/8ozFuji O – CC
SZG-661SMHSpin6’6”1Fast10-17lb1/4-3/4ozFuji O – CC
SZG-601SHSpin6’0”1Fast10-20lb5/8-1 1/2ozFuji O – CC
SZG-602SHSpin6’0”2Fast10-20lb5/8-1 1/2ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701SMHSpin7’0”1Fast10-17lb1/4- 3/4ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701SHSpin7’0”1Fast10-17lb3/8-1ozFuji O – CC
SZG-702SHSpin7’0”2Fast10-20lb3/8-1ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701SXHSpin7’0”1Fast15-30lb5/8-1 1/2ozFuji O – CC
SZG-702SXHSpin7’0”2Fast15-30lb5/8-1 1/2ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701SXXHSpin7’0”1Fast25-40lb1 1/2-3ozFuji O – CC
SZG-541BLCast5’4”1Fast4-10lb1/16-3/8 ozFuji O – CC
SZG-5101BLCast5’10”1Fast4-10lb1/8-3/8ozFuji O – CC
SZG-631BMCast6’3”1Fast6-12lb1/8-1/2 ozFuji O – CC
SZG-601BMHCast6’0”1Fast10-17lb1/4-3/4ozFuji O – CC
SZG-602BMHCast6’0”2Fast10-17lb1/4-3/4ozFuji O – CC
SZG-601BHCast6’0”1Fast12-20lb3/8-1ozFuji O – CC
SZG-661BMHCast6’6”1Fast10-17lb1/4-3/4ozFuji O – CC
SZG-701BMHCast7’0”1Fast10-17lb1/4-5/8ozFuji O – CC
SZG-792SBBHSwimbait7’9”2 ( Butt )Fast15-30lb1-5ozFuji O – CC
SZG-802ELSpin8’0”3Moderate4-8lbEgi Size: 1.8-2.5Fuji O – CC
SZG-862EMLSpin8’6”3Moderate6-12lbEgi Size: 3.0 – 3.5Fuji O – CC


  • Fuji DPS Reel Seats
  • Fuji “BC” Frosted Corrosion control finish
  • Fuji Latest Concept “O” Guides
  • HyperKinetic Nano+ Fibre Graphite Blanks
  • Ergonomic 3D FX Reel seats
  • Custom Super Hard EVA Grips