Varivas Avani Jigging 10×10 300m Multicolour Braid


Varivas Avani Jigging braid is a world leading jigging braid designed in Japan for targeting a wide range of fish species in the deep. This braid is Ultra-strong and extremely thin this 8-strand braided PE fishing line designed for saltwater jigging with the Multicolour-10 colours every 10-meters. perfect for chasing demersal species all the way to the back breaking giants of the deep blue like kingfish, samson fish, tuna even doggies this line is definatly up to the test.

Product Specs

JAFS gauge #lb.Diameter
Gou #Classinchmm
233 lb.0.0093 in0.235 mm
348 lb.0.0112 in0.285 mm
464 lb.0.0130 in0.330 mm
578 lb.0.0146 in0.370 mm
685 lb.0.0159 in0.405 mm


  • Ultra-strong, extremely thin, 8-strand braided MAX-PE (Max Power PE) fishing line for jigging.
  • 10×10 color system (10 colors every 10 meters) for exact line and depth measuring.
  • Super smooth surface and astounding anti-abrasion resistance due to special silky smooth line coating.
  • Made In Japan
  • Tested All Over The World