Varivas SS Assist Line 20m


The Varivas assist cord is a perfect cord for making your own assist rigs for popping and jigging. Designed for heavy tackle fishing this super strong highly abrasion resistant assist cord is a must for any angler wanting to make their own assist rigs

Product Specs

JAFS gauge #lbLength (meters)
#20100 lb20 m
#25130 lb20 m
#30150 lb20 m
#40200 lb20 m
#50240 lb20 m
#60260 lb20 m
#80330 lb20 m
  • Designed for big game fishing, such as Giant Trevally (GT) and Tuna.
  • Use to attach hooks to poppers and jigs.
  • Super strong.  Highly abrasion resistant. Durable against toothy fish.
  • Moderate elasticity and tension, reduces line trouble and provides perfect stiffness for improved hook-ups.
  • Material:  Copolymer Nylon and Polyarylate/PAR fiber (high-heat resistant, high-performance engineered plastic similar to Kevlar).
  • Length:  20 meters
  • Available in 100~330 lb strength / Gou (gauge) sizes #20~#80
  • Color:  Wine Red